Overcoming The Challenges Of Self Love Part 4: The Importance Of Self-Love For Growth And Happiness With Elta Ampadu

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Time alone cannot heal what’s broken in you. You must exert effort and allow those challenges to make you a stronger person. Tune in to this episode to hear in-depth insights on mental health and how you could achieve the peace that you deserve. Elta Ampadu shares the importance of self-love for you to grow and flourish. Those obstacles that come in your life are perfectly normal. Don’t let those hinder you from becoming the best you can be.

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Overcoming The Challenges Of Self Love Part 4: The Importance Of Self-Love For Growth And Happiness With Elta Ampadu

Falling Madly, Madly.. Did I Say Madly In Love With Who You Are!

I have a special guest that we are going to be discussing again because we are still on the same topic of overcoming the challenges of self-love. Again, I want to emphasize that the reason why we are staying on this topic is that I want to share with my audience different perspectives because we are all unique in our own way and we deal and handle things in so many different ways. With that, I want us to remember society’s rigid expectations. It can be hard to find your true identity. The feeling of being lost in clashing ideas, conflict belief, COVID, and the flood of information can be overwhelming.

Most people dumb down or they hide who they are. As a result, it pushes them. It pushes them to go with the flow rather than express themselves authentically. There are so many opinions and ideas now that can make it hard for you to find your true self. Do not only go with what everyone else is doing, and here is why. It is going to lead you down a path where your creativity gets dampened because you are trying not to show who you are. We all want approval from others, instead of the approval of ourselves. We go to our families, our friends, and our peers to get their input. Here, we want you to approve yourself. We want you to go to yourself and get the approval of yourself from within your inner core.

When you do that, it is empowering. You are you unapologetically. It means being true to yourself. It means being true to how you were created and not allowing people’s opinions to affect how you show up in life. You have no time to be intimidated by the presence of others and think so little up yourself. When you show up without pretense or hesitation, the world can’t dull your glamour. They can’t dim your light. Most importantly, you will be inspired to shine your light, to share your light and to help others tap into their own brilliance.

Again, our topic is overcoming the challenges of self-love and falling madly, madly, did I say madly in love with who you are? My guest is a close friend of mine and she is special to my heart. I am excited to bring her on but before I do that, I want to introduce you to her formally and do it the right way. I am going to share a little bit about her and I am going to allow the rest of the time for her to share about who she is herself. Her name is Elta Ampadu. She is a Grief Recovery Specialist who helps people heal from trauma caused by adverse life experiences through intense coaching aimed at grief recovery.

Elta believes becoming an elder said, “Becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist was the best decision I have ever made in my life besides giving my life to Christ. As a result of the person the work that I have done, I have become a better wife, a better mom, a better friend.” She sees the world in a whole different view. She says, “I am on a mission to educate people on what grief is and to help them connect the dots so that they can be healed and break cycles.”

Elta envisioned a world where people will learn to embrace grief in a way that brings restoration. She is the Founder and CEO of E&E Consulting Firm. Elta has many years of diversified clinical mental health experience. She has a multifaceted background specializing in child and family welfare, rehabilitation counseling, hospice, bereavement, managed care case management.

In addition to her love for working with youth, she does all of that. Elta has also served within the medical realm as a dialysis social worker and hospital mental health therapist. She says, “I am the girl following my father’s instructions.” Isn’t that amazing? I am not going to hold her back from you guys any longer. Please join me in welcoming Elta Ampadu to the show.

Welcome. It is so good to have you. Thank you for being here, for saying yes. I truly appreciate you being here.

Thank you, Dr. Kim. I appreciate you as well. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for this platform. Most importantly, thank you for doing the work that you are doing and for saying yes as well. It is because of your yes, that is how we were able to connect.

That is a great segue into me asking you to share with the audience how we met.

It is so strange about our story. I met Dr. Kim through YouTube. It is interesting because, to make a long story short, I was planning on doing some work with teens at a school in Orlando, and I needed support. I needed to find somebody who is skilled and who has what I was looking for. I researched. I found Kim on YouTube. She was doing an interview. Remind me of the school where you were doing an interview.

It was with motivating the team spirit.

Yes, but your interview was?

My interview was with Nikki Woods from Tom Joyner Morning Show.

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You are talking about the shooting that happened at that school.

Yes, Sandy Hook. That goes back. That was that video then.

That was that video you were talking about that school. I love Lisa Nichols, so I have been following her for a while and I know you connected with her. You do work with her with kids. I have a special place in my heart. Again, as I said, I was doing research trying to figure out the right resource, someone to help me to support me to go work with these youth at that school in Orlando. To make a long story short, I researched and I saw that interview. You were referring to that incident that happened at the school. Everything is like you were talking to me that I needed to hear the words to help me to put together that first shot. It was God.

Throughout the interview, it was in the middle or towards the end, you gave your phone number. I was like, “She gave her personal phone number to the world.” I think it was like 10:00 or something like that. I said, “Let me try the number to see if it works.” I tried the number. The rest was history. You can probably tell the story better than I can because I sounded like a fool on the other side of the line because I was so excited.

My words couldn’t come outright. I was going, “You do not know me. I found your phone number on YouTube.” It was so weird but it was very interesting. It is weird. It is how we connect. Until this day, I am still amazed by our connection. That is how we know that it was not me. It wasn’t you. It was divine and it was still connected in doing his work. That is the short story.

At that time, when you called as you said, it was late. I was at that time working on my doctorate degree. I was up late and that is how I was able to accomplish it answer the phone. When I looked at it, I was like, “Who is calling me at this time?” It was like, “Answer the phone,” and it was you. You are right. You went into babel in a sense but it was all good. I was like, “Okay.”

I was surprised that you answered that it was a real number.

The number worked. I was like, “How can I serve you? It is all good.” It was history. We have been connected. I was able to go down and help you and help the youth then. It was so empowering. I am glad that when I asked you to come to the show, you said yes. I am honored. Again, this is not an interview. This is more of a discussion.

You know the name of the show is You are YOU, Unapologetically, and that is my stance. I want people to show up and be who they were created to be unapologetically. Let me ask you this question that will allow us to jump into our discussion. What does it mean to you when you hear you are you, unapologetically? What does it mean for you to be you unapologetically?

For years, I have been, I wouldn’t say struggled, but it has been a challenging thing for me. Over the years, I have been evolving, growing, and working on myself. What does that mean for me? It is very simple. I am having the courage to say no, even if it appears as a good opportunity or something that is going to make a life-changing experience for me because we have the tendency to put those with titles or they are in a pedal stone and we are afraid to speak and say no, for me, having the courage to say no without having the regret of what if, what people are going to think, and what people are going to say. Say no, be me, and be true to myself. Knowing at the end of the day, it may have appeared that way but that is what I want at that moment.

Thinking of what people may say, I always like to call it head chatter. Not only what people say but what we say. We have that head chatter that comes in and wants to have a conversation with us. We have to get to a point sometime to say, “I am not talking to you and I am not going to talk to you about it. Let’s move on.”

I have had those conversations pretty often in my head. That is one of those things that have helped me to say no because we worry too much about what people think. That fear literally can cripple us, and it have crippled some of us and me in the past.

You are not alone. That is for sure. Thank you for sharing that. Let me ask you this 2022. Now that you shared what it means when you hear what it means to you to be you unapologetically, when did you first figure out who you were and what did that process look like for you?

When you said who I am, you referenced the person that I am now at this present moment?

YAYU 6 Elta Ampadu | Self-Love
Self-Love: We all need a mentor or some form of mentor to guide us through life issues.


That is a good question to give back to me. Here is what I am saying because we evolve. For me, there was a time when I figured it out. I knew that I was not the person I am now because it took some work for me to get to where I am now. I recognized at a point where I had to stop and start looking at who is Kim and what does that mean? I am not answering the question. You are answering the question. Let me throw it back at you.

Again, when did you first figure it out? Who were you? You can put an age on it, a time, or a particular location. What I would like you to share with the audience is what did that process look like because it wasn’t, at least, for me, and I know for some of the past guests that I had when they shared. It wasn’t something that happened overnight. It was a process, so that is why I am asking.

My thoughts are all over the place with this question because this is such a broad question for me. Where would I go? I will say it may sound weird, but to be honest, I have always known who I am but practicing it is different. Growing up in the church, I know I am a child of God. I know my father is a King and that makes me in princess. If I am the princess, I inherit everything that my father owns.

However, did I literally believe it? Did I live it? No. The issue for me was navigating through life challenges, my career, my family, and my ministry. One of the things that I think is very crucial, whether it is youth or adults, we all need a mentor or some form of mentor to guide us through life issues. That was one of the things that were missing for me in life. Knowing who I am, I knew who I was from a spiritual perspective but practicing it, no.

Discovering, putting it into practice, it started, I would say probably years ago. Looking back years ago to now, I am completely. When I say completely, my face may look different, my physical appearance but as far as my mind, the spiritual level, the way I view people, the way I see people, the way I interact with people, as a mom, as a wife, everything that I come in contact with, I am a completely different person and how did I get to that part. That is probably the question that you want me to answer.

I only called it the process.

I am going to try my best to make this very short. For some people, they may say it is an accident but for me, as a believer, it was divine intervention and direction through God. November 2018, I will never forget that time, I never knew I was going to end up where I am now. I was voluntold by my husband to do a grief workshop.

It was like a more self-development workshop focusing on depression and anxiety in our church. They had several different types of topics, but for me, I was covering depression and anxiety along with another social worker. Do you know how I found out? He did not even tell me that he was going to put me on the list to do it. I found out through the flyer.

I can see you now reading the flyer and you see your name like, “What?”

That is what I did. I was sitting at church and I saw the flyer. I am like, “What is this?” I was so mad and fueled. Knowing me, not that he put me on the flyer without my consent, but it is the fact that if anyone knows me, I am not the upfront person. I am the behind the scene type of girl. I cleaned the toilet for you, I will sweep the floor, go to the kitchen, and do everything but to step up to do a presentation, I said, “No way. I am not doing that,” but then, you know what? I was so afraid of saying because I am his wife.

I am the pastor’s wife. I said, “I can’t say no to this. It won’t look good.” Again, remember about what people think. I said, “I am going to have to bite that bullet.” I went ahead. We went ahead and we did that. It was about 4 to 6 weeks, every Saturday, so we do those sessions. The thing that made me even more frustrated, only two people signed up for my workshop.

That workshop was for you.

Let me get to the story and you will find out. Only two people sign up for the workshop. I had a taco gun. I said, “What is this? Out of all these people, you tell me nobody is having issues with anxiety and depression or any mental health issues?” I said, “Do not focus on the numbers.” You know how they always say do not worry about the numbers. Even if it is only one, go ahead and do it. I went ahead and did it. At the end of the series, I saw the transformation. I had this sense of fulfillment that I’d never had before.

Honestly, I cannot explain it. It is not like I have never done these types of groups before, but for some reason, that one was different because, over the years, I have been praying. I said, “I am tired of being in this field, feeling overwhelmed, and working for agencies that do not care about people. It is all about numbers. The paperwork is ridiculous.” I was burned out from social work.

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I know our audience can relate to this as well. Go ahead, keep going.

I was like, I am tired. We did the workshop of series and I had a sense of fulfillment. I said to God, I said, “Lord, if this is what you want me to do for the rest of my life, I need you to provide me with something. Some type of resource or curriculum,” because when we did it along with the other social worker, I did it based on my professional background. I share some personal experiences that I have gone through. It was nothing major. Something basic to my eyes. I did that research and I found the Grief Recovery. Everything about that program spoke to me. I looked at the price. It was at that time $2,100. I was like, “$2,100 for a certification? That is a lot of money.”

We were not in a financial situation for us to spend that much money on certification. My husband is the one that takes to go to the finances. I pray to God, and this is true, I said, “Lord, if that is what you want me to do when I go to him, I need him not to ask any questions because he takes care of the finances.” He has no issues supporting me in my career but when it comes to big numbers like that, we will sit down and analyze. Is it worth it because the timing is not right? When I went to him, he said, “No problem.” It was like a five seconds conversation. He said, “No problem. I will pay for it out of my pocket.”

God beat you to him.

Yes, he sure did but then I prayed, remember before I went to him.

That is what I am saying. You prayed and God beat you to him.

He said I would pay for it out of my pocket. I registered and I went. Now, Dr. Kim, I thought I went to get a certification for additional education to help people but it was for me. That program changed my life. I did not realize. You know I am a therapist. I am a social worker. I have been in this thing for many years. Shouldn’t I know all this stuff? That is to tell you. We do not always know everything. Only because you are a physician that doesn’t mean you should have perfect health. Only because you are a dentist that doesn’t mean your dental hygiene should be perfect.

We beat ourselves so much of things we are not able to do because we have this title because we can’t do certain things, which is wrong. We need each other in order for us to heal and to go through life issues. You can’t do it alone. You can’t do it by yourself. I did not realize how much grief I had related to my career.

What you are saying, you did some self-work? This training that you went into was the self-work that you did. I only wanted to interject that but go ahead.

This is taking a little longer because this story is so important because I want people to understand how God works and what this program can do for them. It was a life-changing experience for me. I did not realize how much grief I had around moving because we moved very frequently. I can never keep a job for so long. My resume looks very unstable. As soon as I have the “perfect job” thinking, “That is going to be retirement. We were doing good financially. It is time to get up and move.”

I did not realize how much that was affecting me, how much grief I had towards my childhood, and how much grief I had as a mom, even raising your children, watching them going through life issues. I did not realize how much grief I had around ministry. It is so much that was underneath this woman named Elta, not being aware of what was going on. That was a life-changing experience for me. It was eye-opening. Now, here is where the story is goodier. It is not a word.

It is okay. We can create these words like we are being ourselves here. That is why you are you unapologetically. You can create words. You can say this. I always do. I get it all wrong but I am like, “My bad. I said it wrong but this is what I meant to say.” You keep it going, so goodier. Is that what you said?

Here is the thing, pay attention to the dates. November 2018 is when I did a workshop. February 2019, a few months later, when I got my certification. April 2020, that is when we shut down due to COVID. I get chills talking about it. I have no idea God was preparing me for this time that we are living in as a Grief Recovery Specialist.

Thank you so much for sharing that because you were saying you were voluntold to go and do this and found out by looking at a flyer. I know you mentioned your husband is a pastor. I wanted to put that out there as well. As you said, worried about what other people think, you went and it was in this training that changed your life forever. It was what prepared you for such a time is now, we are talking about self-love, mental health, and COVID reaped. I spoke about how COVID-19 and discrimination are having a horrible impact on our young people when it comes to mental health.

YAYU 6 Elta Ampadu | Self-Love
Self-Love: A healthy person whose mind isn’t peaceful doesn’t rest. When they wake up, they are cranky.


I am excited that God took you through that process so that you can be here and sharing. That was a powerful story. What I would like you to share is here we are, trying to deal with ourselves, trying to be our true selves when we are in the world that is trying to shape us into something else. As we said, we had COVID-19 and the world that we knew dissipated. Share with our audience how they can be true to themselves in such a time. Is this when they have so much coming against them, especially mental health?

I did a presentation not too long ago regarding social media in the mental health world. Dr. Kim, we would never create it to interact the way we are doing now.

Absolutely not because of the touch. It is the human touch. For our audience, take a moment and intentionally stop and touch someone in your house. Touch them and see their reaction. The touch is powerful. You are right. We weren’t created for this, what we are doing here. We are created to be in each other’s presence but go ahead. I want you to share.

There is nothing wrong with the setting. However, it has taken over to the point where we have neglected it. What’s your name? How are you? Can I get a hug? Can I talk to you about doing this? Can I go to work and come home with that bothering with my phone? When I talked to you and you tell me, “I text you this morning and I haven’t heard from you.” What’s the urgency because it is designed in a way that we are always in a rush.

All these buzzing sounds on our phone, it creates this sense of urgency. We are always rushing. Our heart is always racing. We do not communicate anymore. We do not talk to each other anymore. We are so anxious all the time and there is nothing wrong with being anxious because God created us that way so we can be alert and survive when we are going through a crisis.

When that becomes your lifestyle, that is what their issue is. To answer your question, how do we take control of ourselves when we live in a world that is constantly trying to shape us? The first thing I do is education is freedom. Educating ourselves and helping take control of our lives. I use social media, like I said, as an example.

We all know the statistics. It is out there. Google social media with mental health. Increased depression, anxiety, suicide rates, and low self-image. It is huge. The facts are there and it is there. What makes it even worse is social media and when I am referring to social media, all of them, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Every single one of them will intentionally, on purpose, create it to do that.

By the way, if you do not believe me, go watch the documentary on Netflix. It is called Social Dilemma. It is eye-opening. It will show you what’s behind social media. You know that sense of urgency that we get when we hear that dings sound on our phone. We want to go quickly and go check what it is. It is controlling us. That was intentionally to do that. By us educating ourselves, we can take control of the world trying to control us. What I have done for me, I turn off my notifications. That was a life-changing experience for me. I get to the phone when I can get to it.

I always say to my friends. I remember those times remember when you used to go to work? That you’ll come home and you haven’t checked your answering machine. Do you remember those answering machine time? You have to go and check them but you get a phone call from your girlfriend and say, “I left you a voicemail. Did you check it?” Your girlfriend said, “No, I did not check it.” We are all good. We go about our day. I haven’t checked it yet and you stopped talking. Now, somebody sends you a text. You do not respond right away.

Depending on how your phone is set up, if they see that you read the message, “I see you read my message and you did not respond.” People start taking things personally. You are right. It is designed to control us and it is so not healthy. Taking control of your notifications of when to bring the phone to the table, be intentional about these things. As I said, the buzzing, the beeping, and the gaming styles on your phone taking control. Even when you use the bathroom, put the phone away.

Are you talking to me?

We all do it. I do it too.

Thank you for that. As you are speaking and you were talking about us being busy, what I heard being busy and I say that all the time. I heard that we do not stop. I heard that you said, “We do not stop and get present with one another.” That is what I am missing. We do not stop and acknowledge the person in the room with us.

Many of us are surrounded by our loved ones in our homes and we still feel alone. We still feel isolated. We feel like we are by ourselves because we are missing that one piece of learning how to get present with one another. I remember when we did the workshop with you with the girls. That was one of the first things that we put them into an exercise and taught them how to get present with one another to the point where we can say, “Can you get present with me?”

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They knew not only what we were talking about but what it looked like for them. Being present isn’t only giving eye contact. It is like being present at the moment with that person and being able to listen, which is a skill like a muscle. Listening is a muscle that must be built. You have to build up that muscle because if not, that is something that you are not going to be good at.

We can hear all day but listening is something it is totally different. Those are the things that I hear you saying that you are providing advice to the audience and saying here, “These are some of the things that we have to implement intentionally. I am going to put together a show that talks about rests and Sabbath.” It is not a religious thing. It is going to talk about how we no longer rest. Think about this and I am going to ask you the next question.

Our heartbeat rests between beats. When we breathe, we rest between an inhale and an exhale. Rest is purposeful in our lives. We see things and what you shared, things that are taking away those things that were meant for us so that we can spend the time. Not only our loved ones but with ourselves as well. You opened up and shared how you spent time did the work on you. I am here sharing about you are you unapologetically because I did the work on me. I realized that it required me doing the work. I did not get here because I wanted to be here. I had to do the work.

I am here because as a result of the work that I put into myself. What we are saying is that it is going to require some work. What I do may be a little different from what you do but the purpose of this show is to provide techniques, guidelines, or exercises for the audience so that where you are now can implement some of this work. Thank you, Elta. Your story is so empowering, the couple of questions that I wanted us to discuss you already answered.

Sorry, I do not mean to cut you off but before you go into the next question. You said something that was very powerful in reference to our heartbeat rests between what? I want you to repeat that because I am going somewhere with it.

I said our heartbeat rests in between the beats.

I had an a-ha moment. Here is what happens. Anxiety has gone over. I do not know. I stopped keeping up with the statistics since COVID. It is ridiculous. When you are anxious, when you have a normal heartbeat, it rests but when you are anxious, you have increased anxiety, it never rests. It has an effect on your physical health.

It is not only that mental piece that you are going through. It also has an effect on your mental health and on your spiritual health. Are you wondering why you are always tired? Your heart is never resting. Do you wonder why you are always tired? If you have difficulty in sleeping, think about it. A healthy person whose mind is peaceful doesn’t arrest. When they wake up, they are cranky.

Imagine you are experiencing that increased anxiety, your heart never arrests and lack of sleep. That makes it worse. Plus, if you haven’t health challenges, mercy. I wanted to paint a picture to help you understand the effects of rest. I had a big a-ha moment when you said your heart rest because if you have anxiety issues, depression, it is all connected. You are not abnormal if you are feeling this way. It is because there are things that need to be dealt with, deal with things that need to be healed in order for you to become hold and for your heart to rest.

You gave us so much. Thank you so much. I am here eating up everything that you are giving and I am getting full. I know our audience are getting full as well. The question that I was going to ask you is, what advice can you leave? I would like you to give some final words. After you give your final words to our audience, please share with them how they can get in contact with you because there is someone out there who needs you. There are no ifs, ands, and buts about it. I know they need you and because you already said the numbers are off the charts.

Please give our audience those last sweet tidbits or words that you would like to leave them with to help them where they are now. That is the thing. We do not have time to wait for them to get to a certain point. Let’s meet them where they are now if you can do that. Please, we cannot end this show without you sharing how someone can get in contact with you, that would like to reach you. Be bold like I did and give out my telephone number. By the way, that number is still the same. If you shoot me an email, it is in my signature block, if there is no shame or whatsoever.

You have been hurting all too long. Life is not created to be this way, especially if you are a Christian. You are in the church. We are taught to, “I am going to pray about it. I am going to give it to God and it will be all fine.” Hear me out. I am not doubting God because he’s our source of strength. He’s the only source that can help us to go through what we are going through.

What I am saying is that God gives us resources. With God plus the resources, depending on how deep the pain is, you are going to need that extra support. You’ve been struggling for too long. We know they tell you, you’ve had these childhood issues that you’ve been battling with. They tell you time heals all wounds. That is the biggest lie. Time does not heal. Time would only heal with some work and effort on your end.

Find a community. If you can’t find a community, reach out to me. I am here to support you. Dr. Kim is here to support you. We have resources. First thing first, give it to God. Say, “I can’t do it anymore.” If even if you are reading, you are not a believer. Whatever that source of power that you get, I can’t do it anymore because we all know we can’t go through life on our own. You give it to him and find that extra support. I always use this analogy. I always do.

YAYU 6 Elta Ampadu | Self-Love
Self-Love: You cannot do all the things by yourself. It’s impossible.


If your leg is broken, you wouldn’t sit there and wait for it to heal. You’ll seek doctors, plus pray for God to heal it. You do the same thing for your broken heart. You’ve been suffering for too long with depression and anxiety as a single mom, trying to raise your children, breaking generational curses, relationship issues, financial issues, and career issues. COVID has brought so much pain. It doesn’t have to be this way. Trust me.

Find some support. You can’t find it on your own. I had the mentality that I could do it by myself. I have always had it since I was young but I learned the hard way. You cannot. It is impossible. What you are experiencing and I am going to use that word. It may sound weird but it is normal. If you did not feel the way you are feeling now, of all of these things that you’ve gone through and still going through trying to navigate that life, you wouldn’t be normal. What your feeling is normal. Seek some help. Find a community.

The best way you can reach me, go to my website. It is EltaAmpadu.com. You’ll have all the resources that you need. You can even google my name. The same thing, Elta Ampadu. Go on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and you’ll find me. I will be like Dr. Kim, phone number (561)-418-1114.

I do know mine without my phone is (757)-897-8964 and so being bodacious about it because we are serious. We are serious about changing lives here on the show. We want to put an end to this disparaging mindset that we have here. Thank you so much, Elta. I appreciate you being here. I am like giddy every time I do this. I host the guests and we have a conversation. I am giddy because for a time, I did not think this was something that I need to do and so I did not do it. Now that I am doing it, I am so excited.

I get amped after every guest. I am hoping that my audiences are amped like I am amped. I want to take a moment and say thank you so much for you being here, sharing, pouring into the audience like you did and being you. She provided you with the information and her telephone number. Please be sure to reach out if you need her. I have information on her as well. Feel free to reach back to me and we will connect you with Elta. You’ve blessed us tremendously. For that, we are so grateful.

Thank you for having me.

Thank you, guys, again for tuning in with us. You are you, unapologetically. Like I was saying before, we are putting an end to this disparaging mindset and we want you to begin to own your authentic self. That is what this environment is about, a safe space, initiating influential conversations about you being you. That is why we are here, because you are you, unapologetically.

I am going to encourage you to be you every time, every opportunity that I can. Here is why, because I know that no one, positively, no one is better at being you than you, so be you, unapologetically. That is it for now. I look forward to seeing you guys on our next episode. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your day. Take care. Bye-bye.


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About Elta Ampadu

Elta Ampadu is a Grief Recovery Specialist who helps people heal from trauma caused by adverse life experiences through intensive coaching aimed at grief recovery.

“Becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist was the best decision I’ve made in my life, besides giving my life to Christ. As a result of the personal work that I’ve done, I’ve become a better wife, mom, friend, and sees the world in a whole different view. I’m on a mission to educate people on what grief is and help them connect the dots so that they can be healed and break cycles.”

Elta envisions a world where people will learn to embrace grief in a way that brings restoration.

Elta is the founder and CEO of E&E Consulting Firm. She has over 14 years of diversified clinical mental health experience. Elta has a multifaceted background specializing in Child and Family Welfare, Rehabilitation Counseling, Hospice Bereavement, Managed Care Case Management, in addition to her love for working with youth. Elta has also served within the medical realm as a Dialysis Social Worker and Hospital Mental Health Therapist.

“I’m just a girl following my Father’s instructions.”

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