The Truth About YOU! Face Your Truth!

YAYU 22 | Face Your Truth


The person you used to lie to almost every day is yourself. How many times have you told yourself something that is not true? Today, Dr. Kim Grimes enlightens the path of truth about you and why you should face your truth. We have undermined our success, prosperity, and progress more than anyone else but ourselves. We talked ourselves into something we should not have and believed in the lies we said to ourselves. It is time to face the mirror and see the truth! Tune in!

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The Truth About YOU! Face Your Truth!

In this show, we empower people to uncover their greatness, find their true identity and own whom they were created to be. We do this by revealing and understanding your greatness. We’re convinced that you will fall madly in love by reading our show. I’m in Orlando, Florida. I’m also dealing with some sinuses but it’s all good. We’re going to get through this episode together. That’s for sure.

I want to say thank you to all of my guests who came in and shared information and their life stories. I like to call them Juicy Nuggets about Your Integrity and Your Appetite. We finished that little series. We’re about to go into a new series. You know what I do here. Instead of having multiple speakers come on and talk about different topics, I like to get a lot of speakers or guests that is to come in and talk about one topic.

The purpose behind that is that we all have different perspectives and opinions. We all live different lifestyles. The topic impacts every one of us differently. I want to bring in guests to share their perspectives on the same topic. Plus it also brings a lot of diversity and allows us to reach out to a diverse audience. With that, we’re going into a new series. I’m not going to give it away yet but hold on. I’m going to let you know in a bit.

I say this before and I say it often. The easiest person to deceive is the person in the mirror. When it comes to me, deceiving myself, I’m the best at it. When it comes to you, deceiving yourself, you’re the best at it. No one can do it better than you. How many times have we told ourselves something that isn’t true or something that we know that’s not true but we said it to ourselves anyway?

What’s popping into my head is, “I’m dumb, stupid, ugly, Black, fat, too skinny and too loud.” How many times have we not only told ourselves things that are not true but sold ourselves on worse ideas and decisions we ever made? It’s countless. Wouldn’t you agree? Here’s the thing. We were there. You were there. I was there doing those bad decisions. We were there for all of the bad decisions and ideas that we made in our lives. We, you and I were there for every single one of them.

Would you agree that we’ve done more to undermine our prosperity and progress? We’ve done more to undermine these things than anyone on the entire planet. Come on, let’s be real with ourselves. We do this to ourselves. To be honest, it shouldn’t be that way at all. The truth about me is that I talk myself into things I should not have. You have done the same thing. We talk ourselves into things we should not have. Many of you and me as well, we’re good at escaping the sales pitch of an insurance agent, especially if they ring the doorbell because some of us won’t even answer.

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We fall for the sales pitch or pitches that are in our heads all the time. These sales pitches are immature and lack logic. For the majority of the time, we fall for them over and over again. We have deceived ourselves and we continue to deceive ourselves by lying to ourselves. That’s what we do. We’re good at it. The question is, what’s wrong with us? Why do we do this? Why do we continuously tell ourselves lies? Is there anything that we can do about it?

I’m introducing a new series called The Truth About You. Facing Your Truth. The Truth About Me. Facing My Truth. I was so glad when I did and you’ll be so glad you did. Before we jump in, I want to speak about a concept. I call it a concept but it’s a word. Let’s start with some timeless wisdom we find ourselves in hard times. Wisdom helps every time.

We all know what’s going on in the world. It’s not getting any better or brighter on its own. We have to make a difference. We have to make it better and brighter. We have to do our part. Back to the topic, I’m going to talk about wisdom but our topic at hand is the truth about you facing your truth. You will be glad you did. I was glad that I did. Let’s define wisdom. I love to go to the Bible when it comes to defining wisdom. You can find the word wisdom and its definitions throughout the Bible.

The book of Proverbs speaks about wisdom thoroughly. I’m going to throw out a couple of scriptures. I’m not quoting them. I’m reading them. I need you to know that. This is Proverbs 3:13-18, the ESV version. It says, “Blessed is the one who finds wisdom and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from her is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold. She is more precious than jewels and nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand and in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace.”

YAYU 22 | Face Your Truth
Face Your Truth: Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding for the gain from her is better than gain from silver.


Proverbs 4:7

Proverbs 1:7 ESV says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, fools despise wisdom and instruction.” “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding.” That’s Proverbs 4:7 and it’s the King James version. I heard this pastor say, “Look at wisdom as insight informed by the knowledge that life is connected.” What he was saying is that what happens yesterday impacts today and what happens today impacts tomorrow.

Therefore, the decisions you and I made yesterday impact today. The decisions you and I make today will impact tomorrow. I didn’t get much sleep yesterday so it impacts me today. If I don’t get any sleep today, it will impact tomorrow as well. When we say life is connected, we are saying that today impacts tomorrow and that yesterday impacts today. One thing leads to another. Would you not agree to that?

Where am I going with all of this? Remember, I opened up the episode stating that the easiest person to deceive is the person in the mirror. I want you to keep that in mind because I’m going to come back to that. When we make decisions, we don’t make them in isolation. We make decisions every day and every single decision that we make, in some way, shows up in the future. Life is connected and the wisdom I’m talking about is the wisdom that surfaces when we begin asking questions with the knowledge that life is connected.

Wisdom surfaces when we ask ourselves. How is my decision today going to impact me tomorrow? How I look at myself, what I believe about myself, what I say to myself today or decisions about my life, how is that going to pack me tomorrow? How many decisions are you away from screwing up your life? That’s a powerful question. If you think about it, we’re only talking about 1 or 2 decisions that can wreck your life.

I’m quite sure you agree with me. Making wise decisions is the best way to avoid unnecessary regret. Would you agree that regrets are preceded by a series of unwise decisions? Every single regret in my life and I’m quite sure every single regret in your life. All of our regrets were proceeded by a series of unwise decisions that we made. Whenever there’s regret in our lives, it is safe to say that we were a part of it. We need to own it. We showed up at that very moment. Why? It’s because life is connected.

Stay with me. Today shapes tomorrow. One thing leads to another. Our past shows up in our future. With that in mind, I want to have a conversation about you facing your truth and about me facing my truth. Let’s talk about the truth about you, not running from your truth but facing your truth. Here’s that saying I love to say over and over. “The easiest person to deceive is the person in the mirror.”

How often do you meet and see that person in the mirror? I already know that when it comes to deceiving myself, I don’t need any help because I’m the best at it. When it comes to you deceiving yourself, you’re the best at it as well. This is my ask of you. Tell yourself the truth. More specifically, tell yourself the truth about yourself. Face your truth. It helps you to be truthful with yourself.

Tell yourself the truth about why you do what you do, why you don’t do what you ought to do or what you said you were going to do. Tell yourself the truth about why you won’t stop doing what you’re doing or why you won’t stop hurting people or allowing people to hurt you. Tell yourself the truth about why you won’t stop lying to yourself, why you keep making excuses, why you won’t finish projects that you start, why you won’t go get a job or why you won’t stop working, why you keep going back or why you won’t leave.

What I learned is this. When I lie to someone, it damages the relationship, even if that person is clueless that I lied. The fact that I lied to them doesn’t matter if they know it or not but me lying to them still damages the relationship. What do you think is happening when you lie to yourself? Here’s the thing. When I lie to myself, I’m damaging my relationship with myself. When you lie to yourself, you’re doing the same thing. You’re damaging the relationship with yourself.

You’re Damaging The Relationship With Yourself

When I don’t tell another person the truth, I’m at odds with that person. The same thing happens when I lie to myself. I’m at odds with myself. I’m not telling myself the truth. I am no longer myself when I lied to myself. I’m something else. I’m a fake, fraud and phony. We are damaging our relationships with ourselves when we lie to ourselves. When you lie to yourself, you can’t be true to yourself. You’re no longer you. I’m no longer me. Instead, I’m the lie. You’re the lie. When we are no longer ourselves, needless to say, it will put us at odds with other people and ourselves.

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Here’s the thing. Other people can see right through us. They recognize when you’re lying to yourself. People see it when we turn a blind eye to it. They see when we’re lying to ourselves. Believe it or not, they do. They can see through your excuses. We continue to give them as if they are unaware of our excuses. When you refuse to tell yourself the truth in all areas of your life, it’s not only putting you at odds with yourself but also being your authentic self because you are not your real authentic self.

You are not you unapologetically when you are lying to yourself. Instead, you find excuses and apologize for being fake and phony. If you’re lying to yourself, it puts you at odds with other people and yourself. You don’t think they can see through your lame excuses. Don’t you know that when we lie to ourselves, we hide from ourselves? When we hide from ourselves, we diminish who we are and our capabilities. Lying to ourselves and not facing the truth about who we are diminishes our potential. It gets in your way and impacts your relationships negatively.

When we lie to ourselves, it’s draining, exhausting and becomes unhealthy. Why do we lie to ourselves? Why do we do it? I learned that we lie to avoid and protect. We lie to avoid ourselves. We don’t want to face who we are. We don’t even want to be alone with ourselves. We lie to protect ourselves from embarrassing truths and things about ourselves. We lie to protect ourselves from shameful things that happened in our past and things that are happening going on in our lives.

We lie to protect ourselves about the reality of our life that it’s a lie and the reality of such a stupid and dumb decision that we made about our money, spouse, partner, friend or colleagues. Also, a stupid decision that we made about work or even going to school. We lie because we don’t want to see the truth. The truth is good at making us feel more like a loser than a winner.

The bottom line is this. We lie to ourselves to feel better about ourselves. It keeps us from doing what’s good for ourselves. The people who know you best and love you the most already know that they’re dealing with the pretend, fake and phony you. They already know that when you show up being fake and phony. We lie to ourselves to avoid admitting that we need to change.

YAYU 22 | Face Your Truth
Face Your Truth: We lie to ourselves to feel better about ourselves.


If I continuously convince myself that I don’t need to change, then I won’t have to change. I’m going to take the easy route and do what’s easy. I’m going to tell myself a lot about myself to protect myself and make myself feel good so I don’t have to do or change anything about myself. Lying to ourselves is self-deception. A hundred percent of the time, that’s what it is.


Self-deception empowers us to avoid change. We don’t embrace it. We avoid it. It empowers us to avoid the change that makes us a better version of ourselves. I learned that lying to ourselves is self-rejection masquerading as self-protection. Isn’t that powerful? In other words, I’m trying to protect myself by not telling myself the truth so I don’t tell myself the truth.

I also learned that as you’re not telling yourself the truth, as long as you keep lying about what you did and didn’t do, why you won’t or why you want to, why you should always and why you never and as long as you’re telling yourself a lie, you are rejecting yourself. As long as I’m telling myself a lie, I’m rejecting myself. When you lie to another person, you’re rejecting that person as well.

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Let’s agree that lying is a form of rejection. When we lie to ourselves, we deceive ourselves about everything. Self-deception is self-rejection masquerading around as self-protection. You’re trying to protect yourself. I’m trying to protect myself. I know for a fact that you decide to become ruthlessly honest with yourself so let go of the pretend, fake and apologetic you. Tell yourself, “I lie to protect myself which puts me at odds with myself. It caused me to reject myself and others and be at odds with others.”

When you become ruthlessly honest with yourself, you will come out of hiding. You will become the person and begin to be the person that God created you to be. You will be you unapologetically. You will know and own your truth. You will know that no one is better at being you than you. Join me here for the next several episodes as me and my guests are going to jump in with both feet on the truth about you facing your truth. You’ll be glad you did.

You all know that we’re straight up about empowering you to be true to who you are and how you were created. That’s why we’re here and this show exists. It’s about you not allowing people’s opinions to affect how you show up in life. Don’t lie to yourself because when we lie to ourselves, people’s opinions affect us and impact how we show up every day. Don’t waste your time being intimidated by the presence of others while thinking so little of yourself. That’s another form of a lie that we tell ourselves when we think little of ourselves.

Stop lying to yourself. Tell the truth about you. Face your truth. Stop allowing the world to dim your light and glamor and cover your greatness. It’s all about you uncovering your greatness, finding your true identity and owning whom God created you to be. Here’s my point as I close. You owe no one an apology for being your true self. You are you.

When you show up being you, that’s who you are. You are you when you are serving others. With your gifts and talents, you are you. When you are you, you will empower the world to shine because you are empowered and you shine your light. You will encourage others to share because you share your love and help others to tap into their greatness and uncover it so that they can see their gifts and their talents. When you are you unapologetically, you will know and own your truth. Your truth will set you free.

YAYU 22 | Face Your Truth
Face Your Truth: You will own your truth and your truth. Your truth will set you free.


Continue to join me here in this safe space for episodes where I’m going to initiate influential conversations with my guests so that together we can help and support you in being you because it is all about you being you. Thank you so much for reading. I’m so looking forward to the upcoming discussions that I have scheduled on this topic of the truth about you facing your truth. You don’t want to miss it. Take care.

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