Face Your Truth: How To Be Unapologetically You Through Empathy And Gratitude With Jonathan Daniels

YAYU 3 | Face Your Truth

The easiest person to deceive is the person in the mirror. It will always be the person in the mirror. This episode will be all about facing your truth – that’s right, the same topic but with a different perspective! Today’s guest will be Jonathan Daniels, the founder of Enritual Life Coaching. As a man who gives other men spiritual guidance, encouragement, and empowerment, Jonathan shares his story. Once he started facing his truth, he found a true sense of peace and purpose. Jonathan also opens up about how being happy doesn’t mean you should stop growing, and that certain things and behaviors may need to be unlearned sometimes.  Through living an open life with empathy and gratitude, he was able to face his truth and become unapologetically him! Tune in now and start facing your truth, too!

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Face Your Truth: How To Be Unapologetically You Through Empathy And Gratitude With Jonathan Daniels

We have another episode in which we’re going to talk about the same topic that we were on, the truth about you, facing your truth. Here we are again. I want to make a point to thank you, guys. Without you, there’s no YAYU. It would only be me and YAYU. I want to take a moment to say thank you so much for all of the support, for the comments, for reaching back, and for all that you’re doing. I am so grateful.

How about we jump into our topic? If you were here on the last episode, you may know what we’re talking about but for those who were not, if this is your first time, let me tell you about what we’re talking about on this episode. Here’s a fact. The easiest person to deceive is the person in the mirror. How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror? Needless to say, you are the easiest person to deceive. It will always be that person in the mirror.

How many times have you told yourself something that’s not true? How many times did you make yourself believe something that was not true? It’s not true and you know it’s not true, but you made yourself believe it. How many times have you sold yourself on the worst idea and made one of the worst decisions ever? Here’s what I know. During all those bad ideas, those bad decisions, those bad times, you were there. For all of my bad decisions, I was there. They didn’t pop out of the sky like that.

We have all done more than enough, so much more to undermine our own success. We do this day in and day out. We’ve done so much more to undermine our success, our prosperity, and our progress than anybody else on this planet. We did it. What do we do? We deceive ourselves by lying to ourselves. You may say, “What’s wrong with that?” We’re going to tell you what’s wrong with that. You might say, “What’s wrong with me or what’s wrong with you?” We’re not going to make anything wrong with you, or what’s wrong with me. We are only going to tell the facts and tell the truth.

Why do we do this? Is there anything we can do about it? That’s why you’re here. We’re here to talk about the truth about you and me. Facing your truth. I face my truth and I want all of you who are reading to face your truth. We’ve been using the book of Proverbs, which is in the Bible for our Bible readers to define the word wisdom.

We’ve been using Proverbs 3:13-18. This is what it says. “Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding for the gain from her is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold. She is more precious than jewels and nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand and in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace.”

I heard this influential pastor once say, “Wisdom is insight informed by the knowledge that life is connected.” He said, “What happened yesterday impacts today, and what happens today impacts tomorrow.” Therefore, the decision you and I make or we made yesterday can impact today and the decisions that we make or will have made today will impact tomorrow. No ifs, and, or buts about it.

Life is connected because as I said, today impacts tomorrow, and yesterday impacts today. When we make decisions, they are not only done in isolation. That’s why I said when all those bad decisions that we make, we learn and we prepare. It’s not done in isolation. We make decisions every day. Every single decision that we make in some form or fashion, in some way, it’s going to show up in the future. He says, “When we ask ourselves, how is my decision going to impact me?” That’s when wisdom surfaces. Today shapes tomorrow, and one thing leads to another. The past, our past, your past, all of our past shows up in our future.

With that in mind, I’m inviting you to dive into this conversation that we’re going to have and it’s about facing your truth. We’re still talking about facing your truth because this is one of the hardest things for people to do, to face their truth, to own it, and to know, “This is my truth.” We’re so good at pointing fingers and blaming everybody else except ourselves. We’re facing our truth. We’re not running from it, but instead, we’re facing it.

As I said before, you and I, when we look in the mirror, we’re the easiest person to deceive, no ifs, and, or buts about it. Therefore, because of that, here is my ask for you to tell yourself the truth. We’re in a world where people were going to lie to us anyway. Why lie to ourselves? More specifically, I want you to face your truth. Why? You’re telling yourself to face your truth because it’s about you. Tell yourself the truth about yourself. Tell yourself the truth about why you do what you do. Tell yourself the truth about why you don’t do what you have to do. Tell yourself the truth about why you won’t stop doing what’s hurting you or hurting others.

Tell yourself the truth about why you won’t stop lying to yourself. Tell yourself the truth about why you keep making excuses, pointing fingers, and blaming others. Tell yourself the truth about why you keep going back. Tell yourself the truth about why you won’t leave. What I’ve learned is when I lie to someone else, it damages the relationship. When someone lies to me, it damages the relationship and vice versa. What do you think is happening when you lie to yourself? When you lie to yourself, you damage your relationship with yourself. I believe that in order for us to be in a relationship with others, we have to be in a relationship with ourselves. It’s my responsibility to teach others, to teach my husband how to love me. That falls on me.

When they get it wrong, it falls on me. Tell yourself the truth about yourself and don’t lie to yourself. When you lie to yourself and you are no longer your true self, you are no longer you. Instead, you are a lie and you can’t be both. You are either a lie or you are the truth. That’s what we’re talking about. We’re back on this topic or this discussion because we have another phenomenal guest but before we dive into the conversation, I want to introduce you to our guest. I believe all of our guests are phenomenal because they have so much to give.

They’re unique in their own way, and they show up being themselves and how they serve our readers because they’re being themselves. This particular guest is like the other guests that we had. As I said before, we’re still on this topic. We invite 5 to 6 and sometimes more guests to talk about the same topic because we serve a diverse audience and want to touch everyone. My hope and prayer are that our guests come and share and something that they say may not touch you, but it may touch someone that you know or your children. I don’t know but that’s our goal.

This guest is our 5th or 6th guest on this topic. I want you guys to know that’s why we’re still on this topic and when the time seems fit, we’re going to move on but until then, let me introduce you to our charming, handsome, and amazing guest. I’m so excited to have met him and I’m even more excited to know him. Jonathan Daniels is the Founder of Enritual Life Coaching. Doing his years of telecommunication operation leadership, Jonathan would find himself often giving spiritual guidance, encouragement, and empowerment to other men.

He was inspired to found Enritual, a life coaching and empowerment services company for men. Jonathan is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Social Media Strategist with Usher’s Digital Agency. He is the host of Code of the Conscious Man, a PodTV podcast that is broadcast in over 144 countries and is also featured on Roku and Amazon Prime. Let’s give it up for Jonathan Daniels. Thank you. Welcome.

Thank you for having me.

You are so welcome. Thank you for being here. I appreciate it. With that, let’s dive into the conversation that we’re going to have in this episode. However, before we do that, I always like to ask my guest to share how we met because I want our readers to know a little bit about me because they already know that I’m a connector and I like people. If you can share how we met, I’ll truly appreciate that.

First of all, you are an amazing spiritual weaver. You are the bridge that connects like-minded people to ascend everyone to a higher purpose. I’m so thankful that you chose me to have this conversation. As far as how we met, we met through my lovely partner, Raven. She told me so much about you before I even knew a face to the name. I remember the time you were on her podcast, and the energy that you had between you two was electric.

I then knew that this is a dynamic woman that is moving in her life. When Raven said, “I want us to have a sit-down conversation with you and Lionel.” When she told me that you wanted me on your show, I was floored because I didn’t expect this, but I’m glad it happened. I’m glad that I was able to have a sit down with you and Lionel. It changed a lot for me.

I’m so glad we were able to serve you. Thank you for coming here and meeting us then. Also, thank you for being open because the key is being willing and able to come open. I’m humbled by your comments. Thank you. Here’s what I want you to share with our audience. Tell them what it means to you, Jonathan, to be you unapologetically. You have the floor.

What it means to be me is such a deep question. There is not enough time, but I’ll make it as digestible as I can. One of the things that makes me, me, and I am unapologetically the way that I am is that I live openly with gratitude and empathy. One of the things that I realized is that the world is going through a shift for men. Men are learning how to be more in tune with not only their emotions or their feelings, but their hearts and their bodies.

YAYU 3 | Face Your Truth
Face Your Truth: One of the things that makes you unapologetically the way that you are is by living openly with gratitude and empathy.

As a child, I was already in tune with these things and I thought that there was something wrong with me. It’s because the image of what a Black boy was during the ’90s and the early 2000s wasn’t anything like the kids growing up now. I had to fit in, or I didn’t have to fit in. I chose to fit and I denied who I was, truthfully. I didn’t see anybody around me that did the things that I did, that asked the questions that I asked, and who had the curiosity that I had.

I was in sports and things like that, but I was mainly into the arts. I was a very creative child and because of that, I didn’t have a real avenue to express myself. As time went on, I pushed that all down. After I got my divorce, that’s when the lid was finally lifted off the jar, and I could be exactly who I want to be and need to be, not only for the people around me but mainly for myself and for my daughter.

I then meet Raven and this woman explodes my life in ways. Growing in love and falling in love are two completely different things. The way that we are growing in this love shows me a different piece of what love means. To wrap all that up in a pretty little bow, what it means for me to be who I am unapologetically is living in purpose with true empathy and gratitude.

That is so on point. Thank you so much for sharing that. You had me thinking because you were saying when you were younger or growing up, you weren’t who you are now. I want to define it as traumatic, and it may not have been, but divorce is not easy.

It was very traumatic.

When that happened, it allowed you to open up and begin to explore who you are. I’m so happy that you share that. With that being said, the question I want to ask you to share with our readers is, “Are you happy with who you are, or are you still working on becoming the person you want to be?”

I believe it’s both. You can be happy with the person that you are, but that doesn’t mean you stop growing. As you live and walk through life, you will learn new skills. You will learn new trades. You will meet new people. You will feel new feelings or emotions and encounter different and new opportunities. This means that throughout your entire life, you have to evolve and level up. At one point in time, I was very stagnant. I didn’t want to move. I was very comfortable and safe in my little box but I realized that you have to be happy with who you are and also, be willing to be more as you grow. This doesn’t mean that you’re not enough. It means that you have to keep going.

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I saw something online. I cannot remember the guy that said it, but I posted it on my social media. He was talking to his therapist. He was saying that in life, he has all these highs and lows and that he wants to be in the middle, or be balanced. The therapist told him that if you’re in the middle, think about a heartbeat when it’s up and down. If it’s in the middle, you’ve flatlined. You’re not going anywhere. Hearing that and applying it to where I’m going, I can’t be in the middle. I can’t ride this untroubled wave in life. It has to be up and down and that’s how I grow. I would say I am both.

Since we have the highs and lows and as you said, we don’t want to be flatlined. That’s for sure. When we’re flatlined, we can’t serve people. If you could share with us some incidents or a situation that has caused you to face your truth and to tell the truth about yourself. What has occurred? I don’t want you to feel like you have to talk about your divorce or whatever, but feel free to share whatever it is that made you face your truth and that you said, “Enough is enough. I’m not going to deceive myself again. I’m going to tell myself the truth and face it. This is it.” Please share.

Truthfully, it was my divorce. My divorce was the turning point in my life. It was the catalyst for moving me in that direction. It truly propelled me into the seat right here. I would not be here if I did not have that very traumatic experience. It was very difficult at first being told that I was an unfit father and being on the outside looking again as my child grows and I’m not there. I felt as though I didn’t have any power during that time. As time went on, I had to unlearn the power dynamics in that relationship because I was very much in debt with the relationship.

I had to unlearn the things that I have learned over the last 9 to 10 years out of survival. I truly wanted to be in a place of life where I am happy, I am free, and I am at peace. I knew that it took a lot of work to do that. I dedicated my life to healing and to moving forward and being able to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of the man that I am. I was never proud of myself.

Let me ask you this real quick. Can you share with us the process of unlearning? Can you share one incident where it was an unlearning process? What did you learn and what was it that you had to unlearn and what did that process look like for you?

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in grief. I was grieving when I got the divorce. The only reason why I was grieving was because of the changes that I was putting my daughter through and feeling as though that I let her down. That was the toughest part for me. I had to start understanding that if I stay, how good am I to her? This is the example that I’m showing her. This is the best that I’m going to be for her and then she will find a man that is just as good. At that time, that was not good. That man was not worthy of the future of my daughter’s love. Not worthy meaning that I’m demeaning myself, but I was not living to my full potential.

Grief has been a very useful teacher in my life. I learned that this is something that I have been dealing with my entire life. This divorce just exposed it. It made it clear. When it comes to unlearning, the first thing that I had to do was take accountability for what role I had to play in this whole endeavor. When I realized that I’m the main character, I’m the one behind the steering wheel, now it’s time to dive in. I need to be honest with myself. I need to be true to myself. I need to be vulnerable.

That’s when I started to dive into those emotions, those real dark, deep emotions that you don’t want anyone to see. Also, including yourself, the ones you pack so deep down that when they pop up, they scare you. It’s like you’ve never seen them before but it’s been that long since you’ve seen them. After I was able to accept how I was feeling, then I took responsibility, and when I took responsibility, I moved into action. I started asking myself the hard questions. “What does tomorrow look like?” I took it day by day, step by step. I was building a house step by step.

YAYU 3 | Face Your Truth
Face Your Truth: Accept how you are feeling, take responsibility, and move into action. Take it day by day, step by step.

You are not only building, but making sure that it’s healthy and it has all the things that it needs. What I hear you saying is that you had to stop and take an assessment of yourself, but also put the time in for yourself. I call it to do the self-work on you so that you can then in turn serve others. That’s what I hear you saying and by no means is it easy, or a piece of cake. It’s not. You have to do the work. I share this with people as well. When they come and they want to hire me as their coach, there’s an exercise I introduced to you, the path to greatness.

I ask people. I say, “Go do this work.” It’s a litmus test in a sense for me to determine if the people want to do the work or not. If they don’t do that work, then they don’t want to do work on them. They’d rather skip over that and they’re like, “I don’t have the magic fairy dust and that wand and say, “Everything is good.” You have to do the work. I did the work. That’s why I can speak to it the way that I do because I did the work. I’m so happy that you did the work. Here’s the other caveat about doing the work. It’s a continuous thing because we evolved.

We’ll get to a point and we’re like, “Uh-uh.” I tell people, “Go back and do some work. You have the tools. Go do the work.” Thank you for sharing that because in sharing that, you let us know how being untruthful to yourself was impacting you. It was keeping you in a place where you weren’t satisfied with yourself and then you were thinking of your daughter and saying, “If I don’t do something in this space right now about me, this is the model that she’s going to have to look for someone to be in her life for the rest of her life.” You didn’t want that.

Also, I want to add to that too, and that I’m able to speak to this. I not only was holding myself back, but my daughter back, but I was holding my ex-wife back. She deserves to be happy with somebody else that sees her exactly how she is and accepts her. Throughout the time of us being together, we weren’t aligned. I was unable to give her what she wanted and vice versa and that’s okay.

It took me a while to get there and to take that step. To see that I played a part too, but it’s okay. We all have things in our life that we don’t want to do. We all have these things that we deal with when it comes to other people but it’s all about how you show up when it’s time to show up. When you show up when you are supposed to, magic literally unfolds. The hardest decisions give you the greatest blessings.

We all have things in our life that we don't want to do. But it's all about how you show up. And when you show up when you are supposed to, magic literally unfolds. The hardest decisions give you the greatest blessings. Click To Tweet

I am so elated that you’re sharing and that you’re at the place where you are. I’ve always said, and I still do when I’m talking to people or when I’m talking to couples. I say this. When each person owns or takes responsibility for how they showed up in that disagreement, in that confrontation, or in whatever you want to call it, “I showed up with an attitude. I rolled my eyes. I was right.” The other person, “I wasn’t listening,” or whatever. When we each do that, a solution and a resolution are easily found. It’s important how we show up.

With that, I want you to share or to give advice to someone who’s reading who may be in a relationship very similar to yours that you were in or marriage, or they may feel like you feel. They may not even be in a relationship, but they feel that way. For someone who is still lying to themselves or who is still being untruthful, how can you help them to be truthful? What can you share to help them take the next step or stand in that mirror and be truthful?

The questions you’re asking are simple questions, but they are not simple. First breaking down what the word true means, it means accurate or it means alignment with reality. One, the person has to understand what their own reality is. You have to define that. Once you define what your own reality is, then you’re able to see what you need to do. You talked about wisdom. Wisdom is the application of experience.

When you apply the alignment of your true application of the experience of your life, it’s not easy, but easier to move in the direction of alignment. The advice is you have to listen to your heart and how simple that is. The heart is the most powerful thing we have and it’s what moves you into action. The mind is the observer of life, but the heart is the action of the soul. When you understand what’s in your heart, the only thing you can do is move no matter how hard it is, because it’s so difficult to listen to your heart. Your heart, most of the time, goes against everything that you know or anything that is in alignment with what is normal.

The mind is the observer of life, but the heart is the action of the soul. So when you understand what's in your heart, the only thing you can do is move. Click To Tweet

The heart is defiant, the heart is rebellious, but the heart grows when it is loved. It shrinks when it is hated or when it is shunned. I can only speak for my experience, and that’s why I wanted to become a life coach. I can use my experience to help someone, not to tell them what to do but to guide them on the journey of listening to their heart. I would say that’s the best advice. If you listen to your heart, that’s how you start, and then you break it down from there to make those tough decisions or easy decisions.

Let me ask you this, Jonathan. When you say, “Listen to your heart,” that can be cliché. “Go with your heart or go with your intuition,” and all of that. How can you define that in a term where people get it? What is that 1 thing or 2 or 3 that you want to share that you did that helped you to listen to your heart? Instead of saying it, let’s break that down. Let’s unpack it. Step 1, step 2, and so on and so forth. Can you share?

Listening to your heart means you have to know what you want before you say, “This is what I’m going to do.” If you say that I’m going to be an astronaut, but you truly want to be a gardener in your heart, then whose expectation are you living up to? Whose life are you living? It is very simple and it is very cliché. In this world, the person that listens to you the most is you. It’s this voice that’s always going back and forth. It doesn’t care who wins or loses. It doesn’t care if it’s negative or positive. It only wants to be heard.

YAYU 3 | Face Your Truth
Face Your Truth: The person that listens to you the most is you. It’s this voice that’s always going back and forth. It doesn’t care who wins or loses. It doesn’t care if it’s negative or positive. It just wants to be heard.

We aren’t talking about that voice. We are talking about the voice of that inner child that wants to be anything that it wants to be, or to do whatever it wants to do, and receiving that love. By doing that, you listen to that voice. That’s the voice of your heart. Once you understand the voice of your inner child, your inner child is always right, because we’re always a different version of our inner child. First is understanding what you want, what you need, or what is required. That’s how you break it down after you define what you want.

What I’m looking for is for our audience to not only read, “Listen to your heart,” but what does that look like for you? I find that when I’m coaching or when I’m working with someone, I can recommend something or I can suggest something, but then I’ll turn around, and instead of getting them to say, “Yes, I’ll do it,” I’m like, “No. I want you to tell me what that looks like for you?” It’s because, for me, I can paint the picture. Tell me what does that look like for you? I was asking that question because I want people to be able to read, “Listen to my heart,” but then also read, “This is what I did to listen to my heart.”

After I decided to move forward with getting a divorce, that’s how I started listening to my heart. I realized that if I want to be more than what I am if I want to be happier than what I am, where am I? This environment is not allowing me to grow. People have to understand that your environment will always overpower your will. If you stay in the same environment that broke you, you would never come back together. I knew that when I was in that relationship.

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I look back at the man that I was during that time, and this is not even a few years ago. I’m amazed that he got through it. I truly respect that version of me. I love that version of me because that version of me did everything that he was supposed to do, and now, it’s my turn. What it looked like for me was looking at what I wanted out of life. What is going to make me happy? What do I see as happiness?

Also, starting to identify what is happening in my life that’s not allowing me to be happy. When I started to see what was not allowing me to be happy, what do I do about it? I took accountability. I was vulnerable, and I took responsibility. I took the action to move out of my own way to go after my own destiny and I haven’t looked back.

I love the fact that you took accountability and responsibility for it. It falls into something that I teach about integrity like owning. You own who you are. You own the ears on your head and the nose on your face. No one can come up and take your nose and say, “This is mine. You can’t have it again.” You own these things. It’s the same as owning and taking responsibility. I teach a thing on integrity, and also, did an episode on integrity, Is it Your Integrity or Your Appetite?

The point I’m making is that there are a number of steps. There are things that we will do that will cause us to not be integrity. However, when we recognize that, then we can restore our integrity. That is acknowledging it. You acknowledge, “I did something wrong.” You take full responsibility for it. Ask for forgiveness. Here’s the part that I added because I find that when we miss this point, we tend to repeat it. I say, “Commit to doing something differently.”

If you commit to doing something differently, then you can’t repeat the same thing. What did Einstein say? Doing the same thing over and over again and thinking you’re getting a different result is insanity. That’s crazy. I appreciate how you shared about taking accountability and being responsible and owning that. There are decisions that I made that helped me to be in this position and the decisions I can make to get me out of this position as well. Share with us how facing your truth made your life better. I want to hear some more.

I realized that I was the co-creator of my own life. When I faced my truth, that’s when I started to see so many of my gifts come to life. As you said in the bio, over the last few years that I’ve been with this telecommunications company, I encountered so many men that are lost and that are looking for an answer. I realized that when going through the numbers and going through different articles, and statistics on how men suffer after they get a divorce, the numbers are staggering. It is insane.

I’m not saying that is all men, but the men that are in these studies are showing that men are dying. The world needs men just as the world needs women. I’ve always wanted to be a life coach. I didn’t have the urgency, the confidence, or the foresight to see it. However, when this experience happened, and I saw how I came out swinging and a champion. I knew at that time I have to share this space with other men, fathers alike, single, or married, etc. that you are enough. You are worthy.

However, the only way for you to feel true to these things, you have to be true to yourself. You have to acknowledge the part you played, and that’s what a lot of people don’t want to do. It’s because you have to be vulnerable. You have to fee. One of the things that I learned when I was going through this journey of gratitude, sitting with these emotions, and learning to understand what they mean. Also, analyzing these emotions and applying how they can do differently.

I knew that I was not going to be in a serious relationship until I was right with myself because it’s not the next woman’s fault to deal with the pain that I have. We all got baggage. We all carry some type of baggage even while we’re doing the work. That’s why it’s called healing. It’s an ongoing journey, but it is not the next woman’s job to be my therapist. It’s not the next woman’s job to cuddle me in ways that make her more of the man than me.

When I started facing my truth, I was able to face these things. I was able to truly get out of my own way. I saw the potholes in my life as I was striving. It’s like, “Let me fill that up because I’m going to go down the street again.” When I started facing my truth, that’s when everything started to come together. That’s when I felt a true sense of purpose.

I love that pothole analogy. On the journey, they’re going to be there. Either you’re going to hit them over and over again, or you going to dodge them and move them. Thank you so much. Jonathan, that was so fabulous and I appreciate it. How about you share with our readers how anyone can get in contact with you? If our readers want to get in contact with you because of the services that you offer, please share them with our readers.

Also, after you do that, please give our readers a takeaway. One of the things that I do when I go to a conference or a buffet is always take either some cookies, some crackers, a piece of fruit, or candy. It’s in my bag. I’m taking something with me that I’m going to enjoy. Please share your contact information and your final words or closing remarks.

You can reach me on all social media platforms, @Enritual on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I post content that is aligned with my message holding a space where everyone can take part of.

I see myself walking away munching on a granola bar but instead of the granola bar, it is something that you said. It doesn’t have to be anything new. You can repeat something that you already said.

I had something when I was talking. “You are enough.” The world makes you think that you’re smaller than you are because you’re different. We are equal in our differences because that’s how we are made to be. We are all connected. We are all better together. The only way that we can be better together is if we realize our greatness. We are extremely powerful beyond our own comprehension.

We are made in the image of the Highest. Whatever faith or belief or religion you follow or not, you do know, regardless if you believe in spiritual power or something greater, you know that there’s something greater than you out there, and you are that because that greatness is you. To everyone, you are enough. Everything’s okay. Life is great. Walk forward and see how life gives you all the blessings.

Thank you, Jonathan. I appreciate your being here and your presence. I appreciate how you shared and you poured into our audience, and how you showed your vulnerability as well. Also, in certain areas, you weren’t afraid to go in and share because you have been there and you saw the potholes. You know you can dodge them as well. I truly appreciate you. Thank you so much for saying yes. I know our audience and our readers have been blessed because of you and because you were being you unapologetically. No one’s better at being you, Jonathan than you.

Thank you, Dr. Kim.

You’re welcome and I’ll see you soon.

Here’s the question. How many decisions would you say you are away from totally screwing up your mind? How many ideas would you say that you are away from totally wrecking your life? At YAYU, we know that it is easy to lose yourself in this day’s clashing ideas, conflicting beliefs, and the flood of information. You know that flood of information when you pick up your phone or you turn on the television. It’s more on your phone than on the television.

That flood of information with society’s rigid expectations and endless opinions, self-expression, and self-appreciation can feel challenging and daunting. Some of us don’t even know how. Most of the time, we push it aside. We dumb down. We hide who we are, and we go with the flow but I want you to know that you are you unapologetically and that means being true to who you are, true to who you were created to be, and not allowing people’s opinions to affect how you show up in life.

Not allowing their critique or their feedback to keep you from being you, because what we know is people are going to talk no matter what. They’re going to talk in your face or behind your back. It doesn’t matter, they’re going to talk. Online or offline, it’s going to happen. With that being said, you don’t have time to be intimidated by the presence of others and think little of yourself. That’s a waste of time.

When you show up without pretense or hesitation, the world, no matter how much they try, cannot dull your glamor. They cannot dim your light. Most importantly, when you show up without pretense and hesitation, and you are you unapologetically, you will be inspired to shine your light so brightly that you will share it with others. You will help others to tap into their own brilliance so that they can be who God created them to be.

Let’s agree to put an end to the despairing mindset that’s keeping you down and that’s keeping you from doing and being who you were created to be. Let’s begin to own our own authentic selves and to own who we are. Join me here in this safe space where I will initiate conversations about you being you. It’s because what I know is this. You are you unapologetically and there is absolutely no one better at being you than you. Let’s be you. You be you. Thank you so much for reading and hanging in here with us. I truly appreciate you guys. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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YAYU 3 | Face Your TruthJonathan Daniels is the founder of Enritual Life Coaching. During his 10 years of telecommunications operation leadership,

Jonathan would find himself often giving spiritual guidance, encouragement and empowerment to other men. Thus he was inspired to found Enritual, a life coaching and empowerment services company for men.

Jonothan is a freelance graphic designer, social media strategist with Usher’s Digital Agency.

He is the host of Code of the Conscious Man, a PODTV podcast
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