The Weight Of Your Words: The Impact Of Words Spoken To Us, At Us And Over Us With Maribeth Decker

YAYU 17 | Impact Of Words


Since the beginning of life, our lives have been shaped by words spoken to us, over us, at us, and about us. Words, spoken and unspoken, shaped our childhood, they shape our relationships, they’ve built, undermined, or rebuilt marriages. Words spoken to us at us over us have actually impacted confidence so much that they determined to some extent who we actually see in the mirror. How heavy were the words spoken to you?

Have someone’s positive words shaped your life or helped shape you into who you are now? Or have someone’s words crushed or hurt you? Join us in tackling this important topic with intuitive animal communicator, energy healer, and author Maribeth Decker. Maribeth’s expertise transcends basic animal communication as she facilitates the creation of positive and healthy changes in both the lives of animals and their human companions.

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The Weight Of Your Words: The Impact Of Words Spoken To Us, At Us And Over Us With Maribeth Decker

I want you folks to know the reason behind I say this every time after every episode is because you folks are important to us. Welcome back to YAYU. It’s an honor for you folks to be here. We’re so grateful that you’re here. Thank you for taking the time to read. It means so much to us at YAYU. We want you guys to know that you all are in our hearts forever. Let’s jump on in.

We are still talking about our topic of the weight of words. It is the weight of your words. Remember, what we do here is instead of having multiple guests speak on multiple topics, we have multiple guests speak on one topic, that we create what we call a 6 to 8-episode series. I say 6 to 8 because it depends on the feel of things.

With that being said, let’s get this party started. You folks know we love different perspectives and again, that’s why we do this. When it comes to strangers, we’re talking about people that you don’t know. People that you meet for the first time or maybe a first acquaintance or you might have met the person before but you never had a dialogue with them. You don’t know anything about them or people that we don’t know literally.

Sometimes we think we know the people that we work with, our colleagues but we don’t. My point is, what do you say to these people? What do you say to strangers that you meet for the first time and people that you don’t know? What do you say besides hello? That is if you say hello. My point is when it comes to our more intimate relationships like the people that we have in our lives, our family members, or our friends, the people that we love and they love us back. Those that we may identify as our best friends and are in our inner circle. These are the people that I’m talking about. What do you say to them?

Do you watch your words? Words are very powerful. You can go anywhere and speak to anybody about words and they don’t tell you that they’re very powerful. That’s what this discussion is about. That’s what it’s been about. The powerful words that we use. The powerful words that you use and how they land on people. We’re going to talk about that.

We said that they’re powerful but they’re even more powerful in intimate relationships. In relationships with people that you know than it is with people that you don’t know. The more intimate the relationship is, the heavier the words can become, and the greater capacity to wound, cut, scar, or leave a mark. I want to share that. Here’s the thing and I said this before, even words left unsaid. We all have been in a situation where words were not said. They, too, have an impact on our life. They have an impact on the trajectory of a person’s life.

I say this in sharing an experience or with some of my young people where they will give anything to hear their father say, “I love you.” To hear their mother say, “I’m proud of you. I appreciate you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” Unspoken words have as much impact as spoken words on our lives. The point I’m making is simple and I said it already. Words are powerful and words carry weight. No if and buts about it.

With that being said, how heavy are your words? How do they land on people? Let’s ponder that. While you are pondering, let me share with you some scriptures that I pull because you all know by now, I’m a Jesus follower bonafide. That’s what I do. I’m not projecting it on anyone else. It’s just what I do. I use the word the Bible to substantiate my point. Ephesians is a book in the Bible. In the New Testament, we’re talking about the 4th chapter, the 29th verse. It says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth but only what is helpful for building up others according to their needs that it may benefit those who listen.”

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” Come on now. James is also a biblical writer. This one was the brother of Jesus that I’m talking about. Anyway, he said, “My dear brothers and sisters, everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak and should not get angry easily.” He also said, “The tongue is an unruly evil full of deadly poison.”

In James 3:7-8. It says, “Humankind can tame beasts, birds, reptiles, and creations in the sea. Yet, we cannot tame our own tongue.” The scriptures also say, “Man and woman cannot tame the tongue.” No one can. James describes the human tongue as an unruly evil, which I mentioned before, full of deadly poison but here’s the thing. We use our tongues to communicate. We use our tongues to create words. Since the beginning of creation, our lives have been shaped by words spoken to us, over us, at us, and about us. Even those that weren’t spoken.

As I said, the spoken and unspoken. They’ve shaped our childhood. They shaped our relationship. They helped us to build to either undermine, destroy and maybe rebuild relationships or marriages. Words spoken to us, at us, and over us have had an impact on our confidence as well, so much so that to some extent, we are not clear on who we see in the mirror. We second guess ourselves because of the words that we heard.

How heavy were the words spoken to you? How heavy are the words you speak? That is the question. I’m quite sure that everyone reading can understand what I’m about to say or the questions that I’m going to ask. Have you ever been crushed by someone’s words? I don’t think none of us are exempt. I don’t think we’re exempt from being crushed by someone else’s words. We all have been injured or crushed by something that someone said to us.

Words carry weight. Words spoken to us, unspoken, will leave a mark. They will leave a scar, cut us and hurt us but they are words that will leave a mark for good as well as the bad. There are words that are going to build us up and destroy, discourage, and inspire. Sometimes these words that we’re talking about will ruin our life or cause a wound in our lives, including mine. As I said, in some form or fashion, we all have been shaped to some extent by the spoken and unspoken words to us, over us, about us, and at us.

My life is no different and neither is yours. In what we have experienced or what we heard, people speak to us. Sometimes, we probably needed to hear it or we’ve never heard it. The thing is this. We all are quick to recognize the power of words that other people have and how they land on us. How they land in our lives and how they show up on us, but we’re very slow to recognize and admit the fact that our words, our spoken and unspoken words, have equal power in the lives of other people.

That’s what we’re talking about, the words that we have said out of our mouths that devastated someone. I shared in the introductory episode how words that I spewed out of my mouth to my goddaughter, the consequences of that, and what it led to. Our relationship was null and void for at least five years before we even began to come back together.

I want to point that out because when we admit the things that we say that are hurtful and harmful to others, it becomes easier for us to own them. Instead, we don’t admit it. We make excuses or we may say, “I didn’t mean that. I was joking or I was being honest.” They’re words as well and that hurt too. When you say things like that, the truth is, they still have weight whether you were joking or just being honest.

Consequently, we don’t want to be honest, as I said. In fact, we use our words irresponsibly and we make excuses for them. Even if you say that wasn’t on purpose, it’s still irresponsible. We don’t understand or realize that what we’re saying or what we said hurt that person or we’re not embracing the fact that words carry weight. They’re not equally weighted. Think about it, a negative word will always weigh more than a positive word.

Negative words weigh way more than positive words. The study has proven that in platonic relationships when you say 1 negative word, you need at least 5 to 9 positive words to counterbalance that negative word. Here’s the thing, in intimate relationships, in relationships that you have with your children, your parents, your siblings, or your friends, it’s not 5 to 9 positive words to 1 negative. It’s 25 to 30. That will counterbalance that one negative word.

We’re saying that words have weight. What negative words are you saying have a negative impact on the people that you love? Let me point this out as well. The source determines the weight. The source of the weight of your word. If you’re on social media and you post something and somebody that you don’t know puts something negative out there, you blow it off. If it’s somebody that you do know, that’s even heavy. You’re going to feel that that’s heavy.

The source of a word determines the weight of the word. When we are in conversations and even more so with those that we love. We must remember that we have to represent the person on the other side of us. We have to pay attention to that. You folks know I’m all about human dignity. Pay attention to human dignity, which means you got to think about, “Who am I?” first. Who are you? Who do you represent to that person on the other side of you that you’re talking to?

If it’s a total stranger, you probably can get away with it. When it comes to a loved one, your child, or your husband, it does damage. What people hear and feel, regardless of what we think we’re saying, can do major damage as well. What am I saying? We can say something but people can hear it differently. I’m quite sure you folks are aware of that and that happened before.

With that being said, you’re saying something and the person took it all wrong. At least, that’s what you want to believe. Here’s the thing, they didn’t take it wrong. They heard what you said but it was from their perspective. We all have to make sure that we’re mindful of that other person and that we want to represent who we are and let that person know. We want to be responsible for our words because your words, my words, and our words carry weight and they are not equally weighted. They carry more weight than you think, especially, specifically in relationships. They carry weight.

People that we say we love and that they love us. In fact, we know that words have the potential to destroy. No if and butts about it. Build up. It’s why I said that as well. We’re saying all of this to say that you have to, we have to, and I have to. We have to be mindful of our words. The question is, what is the weight of your words to the people in your life, especially those whom you claim to love?

Are you leaving marks everywhere you go? Are you creating unforgivable, unhealed wounds and wounds that will take years to heal or are you building them up? Instead, are you destroying people? What are the results that your words are producing? We’re here again talking about the same topic that we did before, the weight of your words.

Before we dive into the conversation, I have to introduce you to my fabulous guest. We have Maribeth Decker. She is the Founder of SacredGrove.com, where people and pets heal and connect. Considered an expert in animal communication and energy healing, Maribeth has been endorsed by the internationally recognized medical intuitive Tina Zion. She is the bestselling author of Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans during Animal Transitions and a retired Navy Officer.

Maribeth found her calling as an animal communicator when her dog started communicating with her. Everything is possible. That’s when she heard her Siberian husky, Mitsubishi, curse her out as she tried energy healing on him. He was like, “Look, wait.” He gave her a few words. He probably thought his language was okay because of her time in the Navy because he then swears like a Navy.

He probably thought his language in saying what he said to her was good to go but no. Back then, Maribeth didn’t know animal communication was a career option. When her dog, Tibor, came into her life after Mitsubishi passed away, Tibor started sharing visions of his life before joining the family or Maribeth’s family. She knew it was time to pursue animal communication. She dived in you, folks.

Maribeth’s work goes beyond simple animal communication. She helped animals and their people create positive, healthy changes in their lives and their relationships. Let’s give it up, please. Welcome, Maribeth Decker. What a wonderful and awesome story. Maribeth, thank you for being here. It is an honor. Thank you, my friend. We’re so grateful that you decide to come on and share with us your juicy tidbits about the weight of your words. Before we jump into the conversation, please share with my audience. How did we meet?

I got lucky. I asked Noemi to find me some show so I could talk to more people about what I do. She hooked us up and I thought, “This is wonderful.” Noemi was the one that got us together. Thank you.

She did. I’m so grateful for Noemi. What we were able to do was connect and have a conversation. We connected right off. I love what you do and I’m glad that you’re here to share with our audience. Our goal is to have a different perspective, not go with the norm because the norm is easy. When you shared what you shared, I was like, “I would love for our audience to hear what you have to share.” Particularly on our topic, the weight of words, and the weight of your words. Before we jump into that, please share with me because the name of our show is You Are You Unapologetically. I ask all of my guests to please share with us what does it mean to you to be you unapologetically?

I had to ponder it for a while, honestly, because I thought of all the things that I’ve done that I’m not thrilled about. What I came to realize, I’m moving there now, feeling like I’m spending more time being un unapologetically myself. I found that part of me that is divinely inspired if we can say it that way. That part of me that wants to do good, loves to be good, and is quite unique in many ways. Owning that uniqueness becomes easier as I let go, relax, and trust that I’m here on purpose. Who I am is who I’m supposed to be when I’m connected to the higher purpose that we’re here for.

It’s about owning who you are. It’s about being you, accepting all of my strengths, weaknesses, and failures. Accepting all of that as a part of me. Not like, “That was an accident.” I did fail but it was a lesson that I had to learn as well. I loved when you said just owning me. You are here and you know that you’re here with a purpose. You are here unapologetically. Thank you so much for sharing that. Let me ask you this. As I said in the intro, we all have been subject to the crushing of words to what someone said to us. I want to spend a little bit of time giving you an opportunity to share what was it that someone said to you that crushed or hurt you.

My mom has passed but I feel like I got permission to tell the story.

Tell the story.

She feels like she’s okay. My mom’s generation, my mom was born in the ‘30s. I have met them and they were very clearly into the belief that in order to be seen as valuable, you had to be good-looking. I would hear that. They would describe somebody. They wouldn’t describe their good heart but they would describe how the person looked. I remember my mother-in-law saying, “She’s such a wonderful person but she’s so plain.”

It came very clearly that how you looked was going to be how you were evaluated as a valuable person. It’s somewhere around puberty. I said, “Mom, am I pretty?” She looks at me and she goes, “You have beautiful eyes.” I thought, “Crap.” I heard all the things that didn’t get said there. I’d already picked up the belief from society then my mom told me what she thought was the truth. My interpretation was, “No, you’re not.”

How long did you carry that around?

Quite a while. I finally get to the point where I could say, “I’m attractive.” I’ll give you that. People do seem to be attracted to me. I’ll take that.

Where in actuality, you’re beautiful inside and out. Thank you for that. Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, that person that’s looking at you. Someone else can look at you and see something totally different but here’s my thing. When I go in and I look at myself, I see a gorgeous woman, regardless of what someone else sees. It’s what I see and that’s what matters. You have to know this, go in, and see that. Let me ask you this. What are some of the things or positive words that have shaped or helped shape your life into who you are now?

Particularly when I’ve done work for people in the energetic field and/or with their animals. I’ve heard back on how things have gotten better. That has settled into me in a way that I didn’t know was missing. That was beautiful. Through time, people have thanked me for, “I got sober ages ago,” and for sponsoring people. I’ve had people that have treasured the fact that I was able to help them move forward in sobriety. People make offhand remarks. I remember somebody, when I was working in an association, said, “You’re the heart of the association.” I thought, “Thank you.” Those little pieces have been wonderful for me. You want it to come from the inside but sometimes, you have to hear a little bit from the outside first.

You want those good words to come from the inside, but sometimes you have to hear a little bit from the outside first. Share on X

I don’t think that you’re not supposed to get compliments or anything like that. My thought is the outsider is not supposed to validate you. I feel like a lot of us look outward for validation instead of looking inward where the validation lies. To get a compliment or for someone to say something kind or nice to you, there’s nothing wrong with that. With that, again, we’re talking about the weight of your words. What is an incident or a situation that you can share with readers that you called someone to shut down or not feel good about themselves?

I got to tell a story about myself as a mother because it seems to be fair enough. I talked about my mom. I have two kids, Patrick and Andrea. Patrick’s a couple of years older than Andy. Somewhere in grade school or middle school, Andy came up to me and said, “Mommy, you once told Patrick he was stupid.” I’m like, “I did?” I went back and had a conversation and said, “If I did that, I sure didn’t mean it. I have to say I probably said that you did something stupid. I probably did that but I don’t think you’re stupid.” I made amends as best as I could because I didn’t think Andy was making things up. I tried to make something but I could see that may have crushed him.

As parents, there’s no book on how we do things. Although I’m not a parent, I don’t have children. I learned as I moved into my 30s, I began to take a different perspective on my mom. We were in a single-parent home and she raised eight children. We’re very judgmental when we’re younger. We want the things and we can’t get them and all of that. I began to appreciate how she raised us in hard work. My mother had eight fair steps. There were no gaps. Some of us are less than a year apart or let’s say, 365 days. As I got older, I learned to appreciate that. I look at it through a different lens. She did the best she could.

There are times when we’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to say things. At the end of the day, when they know and feel that we’re doing the best that we can. It doesn’t take away, especially if we hurt someone with our words. We still have to say what you did went back to him, explain, and invite healing to come in because of what you didn’t know. Your daughter made you aware of it. Kudos to that. Let’s talk about unspoken words. What are some of the unspoken words that impact your life? Things that were not said.

YAYU 17 | Impact Of Words
Impact Of Words: If we hurt someone with our words, we have to go back to them, explain, and invite healing to come in.


There were things that my parents were helping my other siblings and because I was doing pretty well, just didn’t feel like they thought that I needed any special treatment. I could push through it or something like that. In fact, at times, I was hurting. Both of our moms had some tough times going through. The unspoken in our family was she’s got enough on her shoulders. It’s not up to me to bring any more difficulty into that life. There was a shutting down of the hard stuff. I’m going to put it that way. I can’t bring this to her. She’s already got this going on.

I get it. Instead of sharing a situation or a truth, they withhold it thinking they’re not able to manage when they share what it is that they have to say, so they don’t share and say it. It may be information that you never heard or you may get wind of it much later because of what they thought. Thank you for that because it’s a different perspective. Some people, when we say unspoken words, we’re thinking of things that we wish they would’ve said.

In your example, you’re saying, it was more of things that they withheld because of how they looked at me or perceived me to be able to manage that information. We tend to do that as well. Now let me ask you this. What are some of the unspoken words that you need to say or should have said to your parents, children, friends, loved ones, or husbands?

I’ve been doing a lot of this cleaning of my past and I’ve made some amends to my kids that were unspoken for quite a while about my second marriage and how it was difficult for them. Not that I’m going to say, “It’s all good now,” but I said words. They were unspoken for so long in fear that I would make things worse but they understand it was a tough time.

What are some of those words that you should have said? Share that with us.

I’m sorry that it was so hard for you when I remarried after your dad died. I’m going to get crying again.

Breathe through it. We can pause and breathe. We want you to be real. We want you to share. We’re not like passing in your pain. We’re here with you to say, it’s not easy. That’s why I picked the topic because I want our guests and readers to know that we have to stop and think about what are those things that we did not say or the things that we did say and own that. That’s our true authenticity. That’s us being real. To be able to say, “This is what I said and now, in retrospect, I should have never said that.”

YAYU 17 | Impact Of Words
Impact Of Words: We have to stop and think about the things that we did not say, or the things that we did say, and own them. That’s our true authenticity. That’s us being real.


I recognized it and I went and asked for forgiveness. I gave them the space to forgive me. Instead of saying, “I said it now. Forgive me,” and stuff like that. At the end of the day, we’re still human. We’re going to, without a doubt, make mistakes. We’re not going to say everything right. That’s not the point here. The point isn’t to speak properly. The point here is to own the words that you did say and restore your integrity. I did say that. It’s not saying that you are a bad person or you’re awful. How could you say such a thing?

It’s recognizing our faults. I’m a true believer that when I can recognize my faults as well as my goodness, then that’s when I can fall madly in love with myself. It’s not only looking at my goodness. It’s looking at those things that I said wrong, did wrong, and reacted wrong. Owning that and saying, “What am I taking away from this?” Rectifying it and that’s the point that I’m making, Maribeth. I know you’re right on point. If an emotion comes up, let’s breathe through it.

Thank you so much for sharing because it’s not something easy but this is what we’re talking about. I’m so happy that you’re here and that you’re sharing this. Here’s the thing and this is the reason why we do different guests. We each have different experiences. With that, you can share your experience and someone can relate to your experience. They may not be able to relate to mine. They can hear mine and say, “Hear, hear.”

When you spoke about yours, they probably were like, “That’s how I felt, or either that’s what I said.” Do you get what I’m saying? That’s what this is all about. Thank you for that. Here’s another question I have for you. We’re getting there. We’re almost done. How do you manage your tongue and your words?

I have worked hard to create a prayer. I’m not sure what you would call it. I ask every day, at the beginning of the day, “Sacred Divine, watch my words, my thoughts, my actions, my beliefs, and the stories I make up. If they aren’t leading me to a good place, tap me on the shoulder and offer me something different.” Honestly, it is making a big difference. I’ve been noticing where somebody goes, “Don’t do that. Try this.” That has been my practice for the last couple of months.

At the beginning of the day, I say, “Sacred Divine, watch my words, my thoughts, my actions, my beliefs, and the stories I make up. If they aren't leading me to a good place, tap me on the shoulder.” Share on X

It’s been serving you and that’s what’s important. Let me ask you this. What advice would you give someone who is struggling with saying positive words? We meet people who are, unfortunately, naturally negative. I say naturally but that’s not the case. They choose to say negative words. They choose to go in a negative direction. We call it pessimistic.

I would say there are a couple of things you could that I have done that work for me. The first one is to look if there’s anything in the relationship that you’re grateful for and focus on that rather than the thing that’s making you mad. I spent a lot of time looking at what was making me mad in my relationships. When I started looking for the words for gratitude, there was a lot there I had not been acknowledging. It’s pretty embarrassing.

The other thing is, I’m working on this is to allow that there might be a story behind the person who I’m feeling is very negative. I might not know what’s going on and I give them the gift of compassion. They tell those stories. Maybe something terrible happened in their life or they’re still struggling. That has helped me a few times. I’m working on that one, too, to allow for another story about them rather than like, “Here comes cranky again.”

There is a story behind it. That’s when I said naturally and I was like, not naturally. It’s the choice that they make in the direction to go in. Thank you so much for that. Please share with our readers if someone wants to get in contact with you and learn more about your business, how you communicate with animals, and how you help people when their pets are transitioning. That is so amazing. There are not enough people like you in this world. If they are, they’re not going in that direction because, for some odd reason, I don’t know. I honor what you do because as a pet owner, and pet lover, I don’t have any now.

When I think of the loss of mine and how devastated I was, I could have used your support to help me get through that time. With that being said, please share how people can get in contact with you if they want to reach out. Please share any closing remarks, nuggets, or anything that may have come up that you didn’t get to say during the conversation. How people get in contact with you and some closing remarks or juicy nuggets you would like to leave with the audience.

Thank you. To get in contact with me, the best place is my website SacredGrove.com. I work with animals through all phases of life, puppies, kitties, and all the way to the end and beyond when people need to work with them. Thank you for allowing me the nuggets. I’m going to shift this a little bit to say as an animal communicator, please watch your words with your animals because they pick up more than you think.

You say words are powerful, there’s an energetic vibration that goes out with positive or negative words. If you’re upset and that happens, let it go, then maybe even apologize but start looking for a positive way to frame it because they’re picking it all up. Your words matter when it comes to your animals too. I’m just going to say that.

Words are powerful. There's an energetic vibration that goes out with positive or negative words. Share on X

That is awesome. That was juicy because we tend to think it’s just a human thing and it’s not. They communicate with us. I know, my dog has. My husband and I still chuckle now. There are times after they ate, we were like, “Was it good?” They would lick their lips and mouth and all that stuff. I know that they communicate.

It’s an honor to have you on our show. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your gifts, your talent, and sharing as well the weight of your words as you interact and walk through life. Thank you so much for sharing the intricate details and those things that you kept close but yet you were willing to share. I truly appreciate you. Thank you so much for being a fabulous guest.

It was such a pleasure to be with you. I’m so happy to be able to share this level. Thank you.

You’re so welcome. We look forward to inviting you back. This is maybe the first time. It’s not the last. Thank you again, my friend. Here’s the question. That’s at hand and this is how we close up around here. How many words would you say that you are away from reckoning another person’s life? You thought I was going to say your life, right? No, another person’s life because we’re talking about the weight of your words, and our words have weight and the source matter. How many words are you away from ruining someone else’s life?

It’s easy for us to say stuff and put it out there. It’s easy for us not to be mindful of our words and that our words carry weight but they are. They carry weight and they’re equally weighted as well. With that being said, we are in this place, in this space, because we want you folks to know that in this environment with clashing ideas, being busy all the time, conflicting beliefs, and the flood of information, it is so easy for us to lose who we are. It is so easy for us to fall under rigid expectations and endless opinions of self-expression in our society or self-appreciation. That becomes challenging and daunting, to say the least. When this occurs, we go with the flow. We push our feelings to the side. We act like nothing happened or we dumb down.

What I want you to know is that you are you, unapologetically. That means being true to you. Being true to how you were created. Being true to who you are and not allowing people’s opinions to affect how you show up in life because we know people are going to talk. You give them something to talk about. Even if you don’t give them something to talk about, they’re going to talk. With that being said, we don’t have time for that.

We don’t have time to be intimidated by the presence of others and to think little of ourselves. When you show up with no pretense or hesitation, the world cannot and will not dim your glamor. They will not stunt or blow out your light. They can’t. Most importantly, you will be able to shine. When you shine your light, you’re going to be able to inspire others and you’re sharing your light with others.

YAYU 17 | Impact Of Words
Impact Of Words: When you show up with no pretense or hesitation, the world cannot and will not dim your glamor.


You want others to be able to tap into their own brilliance. Let’s agree to put into the despairing mindset and begin to own your authentic self. Join me here on the next episode in this safe space where I’m going to initiate an influential conversation about you being you. You are you unapologetically and there is no one better at being you than you.

You can call me on that. You’re not going to find one. Go and find somebody. If you do, reach out and let me know you found somebody who got you and can do you better than you. On that note, thank you so much for being here and hanging in here with us. We thank you. We appreciate you and we look forward to seeing you on the next episode. That’s it for now. Take care.


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YAYU 17 | Impact Of WordsMaribeth Decker is the founder of SacredGrove.com — Where People and Pets Heal and Connect. Considered an expert in animal communication & energy healing, Maribeth has been endorsed by the Internationally recognized Medical Intuitive, Tina Zion. She is the bestselling author of Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions.

A retired Naval Officer, Maribeth found her calling as an animal communicator when her dogs started communicating with her. That’s when she “heard” her Siberian Husky, Mitsubishi, curse her out as she tried energy healing on him. He probably thought his language was okay because of her time in the Navy – think “swear like a sailor!”

Back then, Maribeth didn’t know animal communication was a career option. But when her dog Tibor, who came into her life after Mitsubishi passed, started sharing visions of his life before joining the family,she knew it was time to pursue animal communication. She dived in!

Maribeth’s work goes beyond simple Animal Communication. She helps animals and their people create positive, healthy changes in their lives and their relationships.


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